Recruiter Network

Our "direct" Client's positions are updated daily

Your candidate's activity is updated daily

Access to our easy to use tracking system

With access to over 50,000 resumes

You can post your candidates confidentially

Don't send out resumes to a recruiter without knowing how strong a position s/he has with his/her clients.

Our focus is a long term relationship with you and our clients. We consider and treat everyone as a partner in the company.


Are you tired of submitting a resume to the recruiting and split fee sites, never to hear back from them?

  • All our positions are quality jobs and are currently active. We have direct relationships with all hiring managers, which is key to getting candidates hired.
  • Our assessment team consists of all former engineers and will help you to qualify candidates.
  • A resume doctor will work with you to help the candidate improve his resume, if needed.
  • We listen to you! We want your suggestions and your feedback. This site was built by recruiters, for recruiters and we value your knowledge.
  • After you submit a candidate, we are with you through the entire process. We setup the interviews and we constantly keep in contact with our recruiters. We are always there to help you.




Are you burnt-out from receiving merely a fraction of the profits seen by the recruiting and split-fee sites?

  • Our consistent, honest feedback process helps you gain knowledge to increase future placements and enhance your skills as a recruiter.
  • We will connect you with companies that are best suited for your network, making it easier for you to recruit the right candidates.

Are you fed up with complex online tools and no technical support?

  • Access to our Recruiting database, which we update status of candidates and companies on a daily basis
  • Work with people who are experienced in the recruitment industry
  • Access to our ever growing database, over 50,000 resumes currently
  • Email and phone access to our account managers
  • Mailing list where recruiters can discuss strategies, ideas and ask questions
  • Access to scripts, links, blogs that will help you to find those "passive" candidates we are looking for